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Human Information Retrieval

Human Information Retrieval
English | 200 pages | ISBN-10: 0262013444 | PDF | 3.33 MB

Information retrieval in the age of Internet search engines has become part of ordinary discourse and everyday practice: "Google" is a verb in common usage. Thus far, more attention has been given to practical understanding of information retrieval than to a full theoretical account. In Human Information Retrieval, Julian Warner offers a comprehensive overview of information retrieval, synthesizing theories from different disciplines (information and computer science, librarianship and indexing, and information society discourse) and incorporating such disparate systems as WorldCat and Google into a single, robust theoretical framework.
Date: 2-08-2013, 23:11 | Read More

Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation

Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation
English | 304 pages | ISBN-10: 0745661521 | PDF | 3.82 MB

Few of us have been spared the agonies of intimate relationships. They come in many shapes: loving a man or a woman who will not commit to us, being heartbroken when we're abandoned by a lover, engaging in Sisyphean internet searches, coming back lonely from bars, parties, or blind dates, feeling bored in a relationship that is so much less than we had envisaged - these are only some of the ways in which the search for love is a difficult and often painful experience.
Date: 4-08-2013, 03:27 | Read More

The Present Personal

The Present Personal
English | 208 pages | ISBN-10: 0231133502 | PDF | 3.3 MB

Is philosophy deaf to the sound of the personal voice? While philosophy is experienced at admiring, resenting, celebrating, and, at times, renouncing language, philosophers have rarely succeeded in being intimate with it. Hagi Kenaan argues that philosophy's concern with abstract forms of linguistic meaning and the objective, propositional nature of language has obscured the singular human voice. In this strikingly original work Kenaan explores the ethical and philosophical implications of recognizing and responding to the individual presence in language.
Date: 6-07-2013, 22:07 | Read More

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